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Conversional Natural Dyeing & RFD as per as Synthetic Dyeing  & Finishing as per as Synthetic Dyeing 

Modernity as per as Synthetic Dyeing ionic and cationic reality for Dye absorption and Dye stuff are only from natural source of particular herb and our products are free from all type of Synthetic chemicals .In 1856, before the discovery of man-made synthetic chemical dyes the Dyeing Process is Natural. Then the Synthetic Process had Spoiled Farmers, Lands and Everything. Hence Support Our products to Protect  the Nature. As we revive ancient safe dyeing method for Modern Textiles. The products Made of Synthetic dyeing will harm the Skin and it Penetrates inside Body Causes damages.

Dyeing Method

  • Synthetic  dyeing
  • Conventional natural dyeing
  •  Herbal Ayurvedic Dyeing We are Using In Our Organic Clothing in Eden Label
Synthetic Dyeing Process use raw material of Cotton all Fabric,Wet agent which are Harmfull to Body, Water and Fish. Involves Caustic soda for washing.
Conventional Natural dyeing process requires raw material of all Fabrics, Polyester,Cotton, Nylon, Wet Agent which are Harmfull to Body,Water and Fish. It involves washing soda.
Herbal Dyeing Process requires natural fibres of cotton, uses Natural Soapnut [surfactant] as Wet agent. It uses cow Urine, Goat Dung for Washing and it uses the wastes of Banana Tree aash waste which provides potassium for the society.

Pre Modern Dyeing [fixing]Synthetic process uses Heavy metals and Petroleum Toxic waste Chemical apart from Poisioning 

Chemicals: Conventional Natural dyeing uses Heavy metals as Solvent and Poisonous Chemicals for Coloring.They are using Synthetic solvent extract and for further extract they are using chemicals.

Herbal Dyeing uses haritaki known as Kadukka in Tamil,Pomogranate Peel,Turmeric, Tulsi, Moongil Leafs, Kungumam  in Tamil For Pink and live extract of Herbals.

Wellness Of Using Herbal Ayurvedic Textiles :

We are using the soap oil for Wetting Agent Naturally which can be used to wash our products. It Refreshes the Skin and Provides Goodness to the senses Eyes, Mouth, Skin, Ear and Soul. Lets Save the Nature and Save Our Life. Live Free From Chemicals. 

Wash care Instructions For Our Herbal Ayurvedic Textile Clothing
  • Wash separately
  • Wash with Soap Nut or Neutral or Non bleach Agent and Highly Bleaching soap is not recommended.
  • Wash in Gentle cycle and dry at 30 degree Temperature.
  • Dry in Shadow not in Direct Sunlight

Key Facts Table of Eden Garment :

Key Facts Table of Eden Garment

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